How To Youtubers Make Money

how to youtubers make money

YouTubers have become an increasingly popular way to make a living in the digital age. From big names like PewDiePie and Shane Dawson to smaller channels such as MusicByAden and CincoGang, there are more than enough success stories to inspire people to pursue a career online. But how exactly do Youtubers make money? In this article, we will explore some of the ways that YouTubers use to earn income from their channel.

Monetization Options

The world of YouTube is an exciting one, filled with opportunities to make money. YouTubers are constantly exploring new ways to monetize their growing audience base and make some extra cash. From ads and merchandise to sponsorships and Patreon, there are many possibilities for making money on YouTube.

Ads are perhaps the most straightforward way of generating income from your videos; however, you can also create merchandise such as t-shirts and mugs that feature your content or brand. On the other hand, if you have a loyal fanbase that is willing to support your work financially, then setting up a Patreon could be a great option for you.

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Ad Revenue

Ad revenues are generated when viewers watch ads before, during or after a video is played. This type of monetization can be highly profitable for Youtubers, as they can earn money from every view they get and potentially make more than other methods such as affiliate marketing or selling merchandise.

The key to maximizing ad revenue is to create engaging and shareable videos that will draw in viewers. Content creators should also focus on building an audience who is willing to watch their ads and take advantage of YouTube’s various tools such as sponsored campaigns or analytics dashboards which allow creators to track user engagement with their content.

Affiliate Links

Making money from Youtube can be a lucrative side hustle and many YouTubers have found success in doing so. One of the ways these content creators make money is through affiliate links. Affiliate links are special URLs that track when viewers click on a link to purchase something online. When someone clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase, the YouTuber who created it will receive a commission or payment for referring them to the product or service.

Affiliate programs are available through various companies like Amazon, where they pay commissions based on how much customers spend when they use links from their websites. Other networks like RewardStyle offer influencers commissions on sales made by referrals from their social media accounts as well.

Brand Deals

Brand Deals are a popular way for YouTubers to make money. Through these deals, YouTube personalities partner with a company and promote the brand on their channel, in exchange for monetary compensation. This type of relationship has become increasingly common, as more companies recognize the power of influencers.

The terms of each deal vary based on the YouTuber’s reach and engagement rate across social media platforms. Typically, YouTubers will receive either a set fee or commission from sales generated from their promotion of the brand’s products or services.

Highly influential creators may even be given free merchandise to review or use in videos and posts. In some cases, brands may also take on other responsibilities such as providing resources like production equipment or editing software.

Other Opportunities

Youtubers are able to make money from their channels in many different ways. While most YouTubers make a significant portion of their income through advertisements, there are several other opportunities for them to diversify their revenue sources. Making money as a Youtuber can take time and dedication, but ultimately it can be a viable career option with the right strategies and resources.

In addition to ads, another popular method is through sponsorships and affiliate links. Sponsorships involve companies paying YouTubers to promote their products or services on their channel. Affiliate links allow Youtubers to earn commissions by referring viewers to websites that they have an affiliate relationship with.


The conclusion of this article reveals that there are a number of ways YouTubers make money. YouTubers have the opportunity to monetize their videos through ad revenue and sponsorship deals.

They can also create merchandise, receive donations from viewers, and offer services such as consulting or coaching. Additionally, they can benefit from affiliate marketing and streaming services like Twitch or YouTube Premium.

Although creating content on YouTube may not be an easy task, it can be a rewarding one with the right knowledge and dedication. All these methods provide different levels of income potential that any aspiring YouTuber should consider when deciding how to monetize their channel. With hard work, creativity, and the right strategy in place, anyone can become successful as a YouTuber.


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